KOTRA Veranstaltungen in Südkorea 2019

Neben den eher überschaubaren Veranstaltungen in Deutschland, gibt es zahlreiche, branchenübergreifende Veranstaltungen über das Jahr verteilt in Südkorea, welche von KOTRA in Kooperation mit anderen staatlichen Organisationen mit veranstaltet werden.

Die KOTRA entsendet hier deutsche Geschäftspartner nach Südkorea für diese Veranstaltungen, welche meistens anteilige Mitfinanzierung der Reisekosten und Hotelkosten inkl. kostenlosem Eintritt auf die Messen und B2B Matching Terminen verbunden ist. (Sollten Sie hieran Interesse haben, schauen Sie bitte in unserem ‚Eventkalender‘ nach und  senden Sie wir dort beschrieben eine Anfrage an uns).

Gerne möchten wir Ihnen hierzu einige Impressionen geben zu den Veranstaltungen in Südkorea geben, daher finden Sie im Verlauf einige Webseiten Links zu den Veranstaltungen.

Branche Homepage Themenbereich
Machinery/ Mold http://www.damex.co.kr/eng/ FA Components, Machine Tool, Tool Metal working Machine, Loistics Systems·Packaging, General Machinery Components, Metal Materials, Ceramic Materials, Chemical Materials, 3D Printing, Industrial robot, Robot Components
Machinery/ Mold http://www.mftshow.kr/ Mold, Casting, Plastic working, Heat treatment, Surface treatment, Welding, Materials, Components, Smart Factory, 3D Printing, etc.
Electronic http://www.oledexpo.com/ • LED : LEDs & LED Lighting Products, LED Chips / LED Components, Accessories &
Raw Materials, LED Signage & LED Displays, Micro-LED Allied Products, UV(Ultra-
Violet) LED Applications, LED Applications, LED Manufacturing Equipment / Machinery
/ Fixtures & Allied Products, Testing Laboratories & Research Organization, Smart Light
+ Building
OLED Lightings, OLED Signage & OLED Displays, OLED Device & Equipment,
Inspection / Measuring / Repair Equipment, Smart Light + Building
• Photonics + LASER
Smart Technology http://www.smartsensorkorea.or.kr/eng/main/main.php Smart Technology & Robot, 5G & IoT, SW & Automation Solution, AI elements & Hardware, AI application & Service, Retail Technology & Unmanned Service, Unmanned Store & System, Lastmile & Delivery, New Media & Digital Signage, VR/AR & Hologram, Broadcast Platform
IT http://www.g-robot.or.kr/en_user IoT, Industrial Robot, Smart Appliance, Drone, VR․AR, Smart Factory, ICT & SW, 3D Print
Smart Technology https://smartcityasia.net/fairDash.do?hl=ENG Infrastructure, Government, Smart Energy, Smart Building, Networks, Smart Sensor, Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare, Smart learning, Smart Finance
Automobile http://www.autosalonweek.com/2020_en/ Auto Maintenance, Tuning, Parts, Accessories, Camping, Eco-friendly Vehicle, Motor sports etc.
Automobile http://difa.or.kr/eng/ Autonomous driving vehicle, Connected car, Electric vehicle, Hydrogen fueled vehicle, Piug-in hybrid car, Hybrid vehicle, E-mobility, Smart automobile parts, Advanced driver assistance systems(ADAS), LED lighting, Charging system, Battery, Application components and peripheral devices, Wireless communications technology and products, Tuned car, Tuning accessories
(non-) food http://www.dafood.co.kr/eng/ Agriculture, fisheries, forest products, and local government products, Processed Foods · Materials and Additives Tubes, Health Function and Organic Food, Cafe & Dessert Industry, Liquor and Beverage, Food machinery and equipment, Food-related entrepreneurship · Franchise industry, Kitchen equipment and supplies, etc.
Automobile https://www.greencar.or.kr Green Cars, Car Parts, Car Accessories, Infrastructures & Services, Vehicle electronic parts



Chemical Production


Coating, Coating agent, Paints, Ink, Adhesive&Adhesion, Tape, Film/Sheet, Ceramic, Water-proof, Chemical Raw Material

Nano Plating, Plating Equipment, Surface Treatment, Heat Treatment, Polishing, IT/Semiconductor, Hi-Tech Surface, Smart Factory, Wastewater Treatment,  Chemical Equipment

Chemical Equipment, Basic Laboratory, Measurement and Analysis, Bio Equipment, Medical Equipment, Safety Equipment and Technology, Environmental Technology & Equipment

Energyhttp://www.energyexpo.co.kr/eng/PhotoVoltaic, WindPower, ESS, hydrogen fuel cell
Safety, Firefighting Equipmenthttp://www.fireexpo.co.kr/eng/Industry Safety, Firefighting, Rescue & Emergency, Security etc
foodhttp://www.waterkorea.kr/WATER KOREA is the largest water industry exhibition.
And connect the relevant enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions, such as social networking and technology as the representative water industry exhibition. Representative areas of water supply and drainage of the water industry has a very important role in the public sector to maintain the life and health of citizens WATER KOREA has the opportunity to meet with companies and operators may offer.
Cosmetics, beautyhttp://beautyexpo.kr/eng/index.htmlSkincare Products(functional·medical·organic·natural·color cosmetics, cosmetics for men, oriental medicine), Skincare Devices(beauty devices, spa products·devices, aroma therapy, functional food and dietary supplements, medical devices), Hair Accessories(hair products, treatment products, scalp care products, hair transplantation surgery, wigs, training institutions and related organizations), Nail art(nail care, nail and foot care products, hand and foot care, nail art devices, service shops, foot art products nd devices), Fashion, Jewelry, Eyeglasses, Fitness, exercise and sports equipment, rehabilitation clinics, etc.
Automobilehttp://eng.bimos.co.kr/2018/Passenger cars, commercial vehicles, eco-friendly cars, special vehicles, motorcycles, E-mobility & automobile IT, auto parts, accessories, self-driving technology, etc.
MediBiohttp://www.mediexpo.co.kr/eng/Imaging medical equipment / Measuring medical equipment / Rehabilitation medical equipment / Health care medical equipment / Surgical equipment / Medical information system / Smart health equipment / Pharmaceutical related equipment / Medical equipment parts and materials / Hospital equipment / Oriental medical equipment / Dental equipment / Exercise-related devices / Skin care & aesthetics / Aging-friendly products / Health food and supplies / Medical tourism / Specialty hospital
Energyhttps://www.icef.or.kr/fairDash.do?hl=ENGFine Dust Measuring Equipment·Technology, Pump, Valve, Technology of waste disposal, ECO Industry
Energyhttp://entechkorea.net/wp/?lang=enPower Generation & Gas, Water & Air Environment, Waste, Energy, etc.